Grab your Party Page Booster Bonus!

Start your Sparkhub journey with added confidence, knowing you'll have one-on-one support for one of the biggest parts of your setup: the Party Page!

Here's how.

Join the annual plan now

The details

For more info on Sparkhub itself, click here. You can also reach out at the Help icon below!

  • The bonus is available for you if you join our annual plan (not monthly) before your timer runs out. 
    • Important: the bonus only works if you registered for a demo and accessed this link through your email. If someone shared this page with you but you haven't received it from us via email, you may need to click here to register to gain your own limited-time eligibility for the bonus offer. If you don't, the system will not grant the bonus.)
  • Once you do, no other action or payment is needed to earn the bonus! We'll email you a confirmation that you earned it, with a link to log in and redeem it.
  • You'll then have 45 days to redeem the bonus. You'll be able to choose either
    • A free audit of your DIY'd Party Page, OR
    • $30 off a done-for-you design service. It's normally $89, but you'll get it for $59.
  • You don't have to decide today whether to do DIY or DFY! Feel free to start the training and decide later.

How it works

This is great for the DIYer.

  • You'll use our training and templates to create your Party Page using a Project Broadcast Landing Page (PBLP). Note that you can do this even with a free PB account.
  • When you're done, you'll share the design with us at the link in your email. You must do this within 45 days of joining Sparkhub to get the free audit. So, you'll need to be done with your PP by then.
  • Within a week, we'll review your PBLP and record a brief response video walking through it, commenting with any tips and feedback we see.
  • This is our regular done-for-you design offer, at a discount.
  • You'll need to purchase the service within 45 days of joining Sparkhub to get the discount.
  • After purchasing, you'll submit details so we can design for you. You'll complete a worksheet (in the "Design your Perfect Party" course) that includes your Party Page details: images you want to use, text (eg, your "why"), social media links. etc. You can include up to four "product feature" sections (eg, a video + shoppable thumbnails, or a "this or that" image with a button to respond).
  • Using one of our templates as a starting point, we will create the PBLP for you, ensuring it looks great on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • We'll send the completed design to you within 2 weeks, via a Project Broadcast Bundle; this way, you'll be able to edit further if you wish, use it in your Sparkhub Events, and clone it again and again.
  • Want to go beyond the template and add other creative ideas, such as slide shows or the creation of custom GIFs to use in the design? You can continue to work with us after completion of the initial project, at an hourly rate.

Please note:

  • The DFY design service is nonrefundable.
  • If you downgrade to a monthly plan or cancel your Sparkhub membership during your trial, we reserve the right to revoke the bonus or charge the discounted $30 difference on the DFY design service if we've fulfilled your order.
  • This bonus is not transferrable.

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