Done-for-you Landing Page Design

We will create a customized Party Page for use in your Sparkhub-powered events! It will be based on this template (click to view) or a company-specific template if we have one in our Template Center.

Why You'll Love This

  • Focus on the content, not the minutiae of Party Page design.

  • Get an editable design you can clone again and again. You can then edit further as you wish, or work with us again to update it!

  • Less time designing = more time to design your perfect party and set it up in Sparkhub!

How it Works

  • WE will email you after your purchase to prompt your submission of the info we'll need. (Or, start working right away when you get redirected after purchase.)
  • YOU will provide all images, text, videos, links, colors, etc. you want to include in your Party Page. 
  • WE plug it into our PBLP template and provide you with an editable version within 10 business days (so long as you provided the details needed).
  • We'll make sure your page will look awesome, both on desktop and on mobile.
  • This flat rate includes up to 2 hours of design time.
  • If you want to work with us further to go beyond the basic design offer (such as a customized slide show embedded in your design, creation of a special GIF, or inclusion of more product features) you'll have the option to continue work at an hourly rate of $47/hour.
  • Your design will be a Project Broadcast Landing Page. If you use Sparkhub, it will include the Sparkhub code blocks and Dynamic Fields that bring it to life. 

Starting at $89