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Let Sparkhub and Project Broadcast handle the boring stuff and the complex stuff and the time-sensitive stuff...while you relax and do the fun stuff that brings you joy: connecting with and serving your customers.

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Event Features

Type in your event information once, and Sparkhub will magically create everything you need, so you can organize and kick off your entire party in just

five minutes.

Signup Page

redirects guests to the "Party Page" of your choice - and (optionally) enrolls them in your Project Broadcast text messages to build relationships from the start.

Automated Guest Messaging

is effortless if you integrate your Project Broadcast account. Texts can contain Sparkhub Dynamic Fields, customizing them to your Event without any editing.

Party Page

showcases event, offer, or promo info and encourages guests to engage - and shop! It can stand alone or can point them to a Facebook group, Zoom link, or other party destination. No time to design? We offer a done-for-you design service.

Host Portal

provides key reference info, including the guest list, to-do list, and buttons to easily share the invite using your sample wording and image. See it from the Host's perspective.

Events Dashboard

keeps your events organized in one place. You can open a PB chat or a text with any guest or host with just one click.

Cloneable Templates

let you leverage our setup, share your own event setup with your downline and fellow consultants, and duplicate for your own repeat events.

Event Timeline

organizes every guest or host text message, every to-do for you or the host, and every key date into one view that clones to new events in seconds.

The Party Problem

Do you find that guests are falling through the cracks when they can't join your live event or they miss your Facebook posts? They don't get to know you, your company, or how and why they should care. You have solutions they need, but if they don't see your content, they won't act - and no one wins.
Meanwhile, your hosts are dealing with "host coaching" comprised of long emails that make them just tune out, and your own checklists and guest lists feel scattered.
You've tried all the party "styles" - Facebook, Zoom, you name it - but none of these get to the root of the problem. Sure, they include fun interaction...but something is missing.
So you just need to try yet another party style, right?
Wrong. Because the problem isn't the party style you're using. The problem is relying on it as your only way to reach people.

That's because the party "styles" you've been using are not a complete solution.

They provide part of the experience, but you still have to incorporate signup processes, host coaching, organizational tools, and more by cobbling together ill-suited tools that still fall short. Not to mention, you fail to reach every potential guest when you rely on Facebook, Zoom, Sqweee, or an in-person gathering as your only way to connect with them.


You could keep doing what you're doing...

  • Keep letting customers fall through the cracks when the usual methods don’t reach them
  • Keep putting up with ill-fitting technology that limits your strategic options and imagination
  • Keep running 27 manual processes that could be outsourced to technology
  • Keep limiting how many parties you have "time to do" in a given month
  • Keep spending tons of time on customer follow-ups (or dropping the ball altogether)
  • Keep assuming that being chained to your phone/computer, cobbling together “solutions” that still fall short, being beholden to the whims of the Facebook algorithm…is all just a necessary evil
But we suspect you're tired of all that.
Tired of staying up late, on your phone, trying to keep a Facebook party alive with posts you know people won't see....when you'd rather binge watch Ted Lasso with a glass of wine, a bar of dark chocolate, and your favorite cozy blanket. We suspect you're tired of parties that just aren't worth the time you have to put into them, where every flop means precious hours were wasted.
Is that how you want the next month, six months, 10 years to look?
What you need isn't another party "method" that will still fall short of being a complete solution.
You need an underlying system that can supercharge every party - even Facebook, Zoom, or in person parties - with key strategies that strengthen guest and host connections, while saving you time.
You need an underlying system that also frees you up to do "On Demand" style parties if you choose, which run without Facebook or a live gathering in the mix.
You need an underlying system that flows seamlessly into simple customer follow-up when someone orders.
You need a underlying system that incorporates the missing strategies that help every party succeed.
Strategies like
  • Delivering a "party page" to guests from the moment they sign up, so they have something engaging to look at that also provides all of the key info they need (how to order, what links they need, where go go and when, etc.) in one spot
  • Communicating with guests and hosts via text - automatically - from the moment they sign up, thanks to optional, seamless integration with Project Broadcast
  • Equipping your host with a Portal containing all the info they'll need, such as an interactive checklist, a guest list that updates in real time, and an invitation "share" button preloaded with your sample wording and image
If that sounds like it would be a lot to create, then it's time to introduce you to events powered by Sparkhub: the only software tool precisely engineered to run these strategies at scale using a 5-minute setup, so that you can reach more guests in less time.

How it works

The magic of Sparkhub is in the cloning. With our training, templates, and support, you'll create your own main copy - and then the fun really begins.

Here's how running a typical Sparkhub-supported Event looks.

Step 1: Set up in under five minutes

Once you've established your first event, you're ready for the 5-minute setup. You'll clone an existing event, update any details (host name, dates, etc.), and give it a quick once-over. Everything you need - signup page, Host Portal, Party Page specific to your event, to-dos for you and the Host, scheduled texts to the Host and guests, and more - is updated for you.


Event Timeline

Take a look at how the powerful Event Timeline brings together the details.

Video Poster Image

Step 2: Equip your Host

If your event includes a host, you can send a customized Host Portal to them, complete with an interactive checklist and more. They can invite friends using a handy "share" button, view signups and see who has ordered, and even contribute a photo and notes to the guests' experience!

Watch this video to see it from a host's perspective.

Video Poster Image

Click play to see why Mel's hosts love Sparkhub!

Video Poster Image

Step 3: Relax as Sparkhub welcomes guests

With absolutely no effort on your part, Sparkhub will prepare a customized Signup Page for your Host to share, and welcome guests who RSVP. Sparkhub will

  • Redirect guests to a "Party Page," which is their main info hub that can send them on to other destinations (Zoom gathering, Facebook group, etc.) or stand alone to comprise an "On Demand" presentation.
  • Enroll them in your Project Broadcast texts (if you integrate a paid PB account), on a drip and/or scheduled basis. Texts can contain dynamic event info like the Host name and unique order link !
  • Add them to the Guest List that both you and your Host can view. You can both click any guest's number or email to contact them.

Powered-up Pages

You can leverage Project Broadcast Landing Pages for your Signup Page and "Party Page," which is the guests' info hub containing logistical details as well as any product features you want to include. Create your design once with the help of our templates. From then on, Sparkhub will customize the pages every time with each event's information - and even lets you select from 1,500 fonts!

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Step 4: Party on!

After the guest has signed up, you can continue sending texts (automated if using Project Broadcast), such as tips or reminders. If you're incorporating another element outside of the Party Page - such as a Zoom gathering, an in-person show, or a Facebook group - your Party Page and texts can point guests there.

Either way, you'll continue the relationship over the duration of your event, and Sparkhub will support you at every step by making sure guests and hosts are informed and engaged.

Step 5: Manage the details

We designed Sparkhub not just for your guests and hosts, but for you. Stay on top of key details, such as your own checklists and guest lists, all in one place.

Watch the video to hear how Trisha has gotten time back, and offers better service, using Sparkhub as her virtual event planner!

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