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It's time to ditch overcomplicated, underwhelming parties that are falling FLAT. Why? Because the way your parties are going right now sucks up your energy and fails to build the 1:1 relationships you need to grow your impact! What's more, your teammates are feeling burned out...and you can't blame them.

You all deserve to party in a way that's simple, effective, full of connection, and fun for everyone involved (including YOU!). Your parties should spark conversation, spark creativity, spark sales, and reignite the spark that inspired you to join your company in the first place.

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It's time to earn more in less time, and enjoy connecting with and serving your customers while you're at it. 

It's time for Sparkhub:

the comprehensive command center to run your parties, start to finish, no matter what party platform you prefer.

More joy, less hassle

See why Sparkhub makes parties better for Melody's Hosts - and for her!

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Beyond "Direct Sales On Demand"

Sparkhub is the newest generation of founder Julie Godshall's popular Direct Sales On Demand program. DSOD has helped free direct sellers from reliance on Facebook or on live, in-sync events. Now, with Sparkhub, these concepts expand to provide powerful guest communication that supports every event (not just On Demand), while leveraging one-of-a-kind software that is precisely engineered to the direct seller's unique needs. So if you love the idea of On Demand, it's time to accomplish it with more power and ease, and bring all your parties under one workflow inside Sparkhub. Learn more about the DSOD and Sparkhub story.

Project Broadcast, powered up

Sparkhub is powerful all on its own, letting you ditch the 37-step party process in favor of a 5-minute setup that powers everything you need - for every type of party you run. But if you also combine Sparkhub with the texting, landing pages, and automation of Project Broadcast, then you'll find even more benefits, such as automatic enrollment of guests in your text messages, and automatic Party Page content since we do the editing for you.

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The Spark Strategy

Sparkhub works because it's built on the foundation of the Spark Strategy. It's your path to the modern way of direct selling, where every guest, every host, and every consultant is cared for, entertained, engaged, organized, and inspired to take action.

Swipe to see how the Spark Strategy means more revenue-generating engagement in less time - all powered by Sparkhub and Project Broadcast. 


Type in your event information once, and Sparkhub will magically create everything you need, so you can organize and kick off your entire party in just

five minutes.

Automated Guest Messaging

is effortless if you integrate your Project Broadcast account. Not a PB user? Click any guest on your list to open up a text to them in a jif.

Host Portal

provides key reference info, including the guest list, to-do list, and buttons to easily share the invite using your sample wording and image. See it from the Host's perspective.

Invitation Page

redirects guest to the Party Page - and (optionally) enrolls them in your Project Broadcast messages to build relationships from the start.

Party Page

showcases event info and encourages guests to engage - and shop! It can stand alone or can point them to a Facebook group, Zoom link, or other party destination. No time to design? We offer a done-for-you design service.

Events Dashboard

keeps you organized with guest info and checklists - so all your events are organized in one place. And you can open a PB chat or a text with any guest with just one click.

Cloneable Templates

let you share your event setup with your downline and fellow consultants, and duplicate for your own repeat events.

Learning Center

contains not just help articles, but entire courses, such as "Design your Perfect Party" and extensive training on Party Page creation.

Design Services

Don't want to DIY your Party Page using our training? No problem. You can hire us to do that for you.

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Created with leaders in mind

We know you want to equip your downline with the tools they need for success. That's why we enable you to share your Sparkhub events with others as templates. Plus, world-class training and customer support ensure that your teammates are in good hands, so you can focus your energy on encouraging and motivating them - not holding their hand through complicated training.

Created by direct sellers

A note from Julie Godshall, our founder and CEO:

"Our team of direct sellers at Sparkhub gets it. We've tried all the things, trying to piece together the perfect combination of tools and strategies to get the results we were after.

"Between my own experience developing and teaching my Direct Sales On Demand method to over 1,500 direct sellers, my husband's experience as a web developer, and my DSOD team's experience supporting and listening to the direct sales community, we have created the solution: software that lets you streamline and maximize every type of party you run. Because we want you to focus on what you do best: providing service and building relationships, with efficiency and joy."


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So, start your free trial of Sparkhub below so you can say good-bye to burn-out and frustration and hello to joy, efficiency, and confidence.

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