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 I don't know if I want to pay monthly or annually. Can I change my mind?

You can change your payment frequency at any time in the "Manage Subscription" section of your Profile. Don't do this during your trial, though, because it will charge you immediately and end your trial. Wait until near the end of the trial before making the change.

How does the free trial work?

We have a 30-day free trial. You'll join by selecting a payment plan (monthly or annually) and entering a credit card, but we will not charge your card for the first 30 days. You can cancel at any time (in the "Manage Subscription" section of your Profile), and if you do so before your first payment is due, you won't be charged. Note: do not change your payment plan in the Manage Subscription area until near the end of your free trial, or else you'll be charged immediately.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we have a strict "no refunds" policy, since you have a free trial, you pay month-to-month or year-to-year, and you can cancel at any time, including during the trial. If you choose to cancel, you'll still have access through the end of the time period you have paid for. If you're not sure about your long-term plan, you are welcome to just join with the month-to-month plan, and you can switch to the money-saving annual plan at any time. We encourage you to set a calendar reminder for yourself as the trial nears its end, in case you miss our reminder emails about your trial ending.

Do I have to be a Sparkhub subscriber in order to sign up for services?

No! Our services are available as one-off purchases for anyone. Learn about them here.

Do you have closed captioning on your educational materials?

Yes! Every video includes a closed captioning option, and you can expand to view the entire transcript or even search the transcript. And since "Inclusivity" is one of our six core values, we hope you'll notify us if you see ways we need to improve our website, software, or training for better accessibility.

Do I need Project Broadcast in order to use Sparkhub?

No! Although that was its original design - and it works best when combined with Project Broadcast - you can still use Sparkhub without Project Broadcast, or with the free "social" plan. The two ways PB comes into play are through texting hosts/guests, and through creating a PB Landing Page (PBLP) for your Party Page, which allows you to have Sparkhub automate content for you.

With a free PB account, you cannot text hosts/guests, but you can create free PBLPs and enjoy the Sparkhub magic they offer. For this reason, we highly recommend you at least get a free PB plan, unless you're outside of their territory (currently US, Canada, Puerto Rico). If you have no PB account at all, you can't use PBLPs, but you can direct guests to another site for your Party Page (such as a Canva Website, as taught in my original Direct Sales On Demand program). Note that Sparkhub includes courses on both PBLPs and Canva Websites, so you have training for either Party Page option.

Even with reduced functionality, Sparkhub has a lot to offer without PB, through automatic creation of your Invitation, Host Portal, and checklists. Furthermore, you can click any guest's phone number to open a text to them from your device's texting platform, making communication easier - it's just not automated.

An early lesson in the Quick Start course will help you decide whether and how to include PB in your setup. If you do choose to join Project Broadcast, sign up here.

What if I'm new to, or not well-versed in, Project Broadcast?

You don't need to be a PB expert to make full use of Sparkhub, and you can learn both tools at once. Use our onboarding training as your starting point, and we'll point you to the few PB training modules you'll need as they come up.

I like the idea of having a Project Broadcast Landing Page (PBLP) for my Party Page, but I worry about the learning curve. Can I get help with it?

We've got you! Although we provide access to a growing template library, training, and support related to PBLPs, not everyone wants to DIY it. If that's you, you have two options:

1) You don't have to use a PBLP at all (see next question). You can use another destination as your Party Page, either indefinitely, or as a stepping stone to get you started until you're ready to use a PBLP.

2) We provide an optional design service! You provide the info you want on your PBLP (images, wording, links, etc.), and our team can work with you to customize it, with a template as the starting point.

I am used to using a Canva Website (or other tool) for a "Party Page." Do I have to switch to a PBLP?

No, you don't! Sparkhub lets you designate any link to be your Party Page, and will send your guests to it. We do recommend a PBLP since it can be powered up with some Sparkhub-generated magic, such as a Host Feature block that pulls the Host photo and message directly from the Host Portal. Plus, a PBLP lets you view how many times each guest has clicked their unique link to it. Since you can create PBLPs with a free Project Broadcast plan, there's no reason not to take advantage! However, you are welcome to use any site you wish as the Party Page, and you'll still get the other amazing benefits of Sparkhub: Invitation that redirects guests to the Party Page when they sign up; a Host Portal; automated enrollment in texts, including a welcome text that points guests to the Party Page (if using Project Broadcast texting); and organizational tools. (If you're coming to us from the world of Direct Sales On Demand, click here for an overview of how seamlessly you can apply your DSOD skills to your Sparkhub setup!)

I am already in your Direct Sales On Demand program. Will that continue? And is Sparkhub redundant with that?

Yes, I'll continue supporting those in the DSOD program.

As for whether Sparkhub is redundant with what you already know from DSOD, it's not at all! Think of it this way: the DSOD program showed you how to use the free tools of Canva, Google Docs, and good ol' fashioned texting to run an On Demand party. But as you know, the magic is in (1) the "party page" aka presentation, and (2) the texting communication with guests as soon as they sign up. The DSOD Method course that I teach in the DSOD program works beautifully, but Sparkhub can kick your productivity into hyperdrive, because of magical automation that you just can't get with Canva and Google. Sparkhub creates your Invitation automatically...creates a handy Host Portal automatically...enrolls guests in your texts automatically (if using Project Broadcast)...updates your Party Page with host info and key dates automatically (if using a PBLP)...see a pattern here? Plus, it helps you apply the Spark Strategy principles to every party, not just On Demand ones, and keep them all organized in one tidy hub. So if you want to connect with your audience with an even simpler set-up than you saw in DSOD, then Sparkhub's free trial is definitely worth your time. You can even re-use the Canva presentation you already created in the DSOD program (see previous question). You have a great head-start, DSODer, and you'll love taking it up a notch in Sparkhub!

I was considering your Direct Sales On Demand program. Why should I consider Sparkhub?

Sparkhub will give you similar training to what you would receive in the DSOD program, but here's the difference:

When I created the DSOD program in 2020, I showed you how to use the best tools available at that time to meet the goals and principles of the DSOD Method. Now, we have a better tool: Sparkhub! Sparkhub is very specifically and lovingly created to meet your exact needs, whether you want to run On Demand parties, other types, or a combination.

And Sparkhub offers training on the On Demand principles too, with the added bonus that you now will have access to software that is superior to what even I had dreamed of in 2020. Now, so you can adopt the sleekest approach to On Demand and more! And you'll be glad to know that for the price of the DSOD program, you can get over a year of Sparkhub access - to the training AND the software.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! If a friend signs up using your affiliate code (found in your Profile), then they get $5 off their first payment, and you get $5 off your next payment, after they have reached the end of their trial without cancelling. You can rack up lots of Sparkhub credit this way! (And in the near future, we'll provide a way for those with gobs of credit to opt to take cash or generate a donation instead.) The flip side: if a friend recommended Sparkhub to you, be sure to grab their affiliate code and enter it as you join, so you can save $5 and they can earn $5.

I want to use Sparkhub for more than one business. Is this possible?

Yes! As long as you run your text campaigns for both businesses from the same Project Broadcast account, they can be on one Sparkhub account. (Or, you can use Sparkhub without Project Broadcast.) You'll likely have a primary Sparkhub Event setup in mind for each, and clone it for each event. Each can have its own imagery, wording, links, you name it, all powered by your single Sparkhub account. 

I'm not receiving any emails since signing up. What's going on?

As long as you entered your email correctly, you should see emails arriving from You may need to check spam or other folders. You should also whitelist our domain,, so that you receive all emails from us. Here are instructions for updating your Safe Senders list in Hotmail.

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