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Facebook parties aren't the problem. (Here's what is.)

direct sales social media Dec 08, 2022

If you're in direct sales, you probably have heard, or said, something like "Ugh, my Facebook parties are so terrible. No one is seeing my posts."

But I am here to tell you this: FB parties aren't the problem. It's RELYING on FB as our only way to reach people that is the problem.

Because you know what? Facebook just isn't designed to deliver our content to everyone. It never has been, and it sure isn't now. If we keep thinking it will if we just wish hard enough, then we are in for disappointment. In other words, Facebook is gonna Facebook. So the question is, what are you going to do about it?

The way I see it, the problem isn't Facebook. Facebook isn't actually standing in the way of you reaching your guests. It doesn't have that kind of power! It just isn't adequate as your only way to reach them.

So what you need is another strategy, outside of FB, one that reaches your party guests more reliably. With such a strategy in place, you can still use Facebook - but it then becomes an additional place of connection, not the only place of connection. If you have fun interacting in there and your hosts and guests like it, go right ahead. But don't let it be the only tool in your toolkit.

The strategy comes down to two key tools:

  • a Party Page, and
  • a texting strategy.

Take a look!

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