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Landing Page Tip: Designing for a Mobile Screen

Dec 05, 2023

Have you ever designed a Landing Page, only to later realize that it doesn't look the way you'd intended? Chances are, you designed it on desktop, but forgot to check how it would behave on a mobile screen - which, after all, is how most of your viewers are looking at it!  This video walks you through a simple, 3-step process for mobile design:  

  1. Understand how to preview your page. (Don't rely on the preview inside your design screen! Open it in a real phone browser. Or, open on desktop, right click to select "inspect," and use the "responsive" setting to manually adjust the screen width. This will show how your content will display based on the dimensions of the screen.)  
  2. For anything that looks amiss, try adjusting the "stacking" or "hiding" to get the look you want. Learn how in the video!
  3. Save, refresh your preview to test, and decide if any other tweaks are needed. Repeat as needed!

Here's how it all works!


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