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5 Social Media Tips for Direct Sellers

social media Feb 11, 2022

 Whether you host in-person or other virtual parties, social media is still an important part of your business as a direct seller. It helps you build connections with your customers and team, awareness about your brand and products, and it's generally fun to use! However, I suspect you're spending more time than you need to on social media. Here are my top 5 tips for spending LESS time on social media while still growing your business.

1. Schedule in advance

We all know that being consistent on social media is important, but we're often too busy to post every day. We also sometimes get caught up in the scroll and end up wasting time without even posting! To avoid these pitfalls, schedule your social media in advance so it posts at ideal times, even when you're busy! At Sparkhub, we use the Social Impact Planner to schedule our content but there are lots of free and paid options. Let us know which are your favorites.

2. Limit time on engagement

It's pretty easy to get caught up in the scroll and before you know it, you've spent a few hours looking at Instagram or TikTok. Oops! Set aside a specific amount of time to spend on engagement. Reply to comments and messages, do any cold outreach, follow prospective team members or customers during this time, and then log off when you're done. Set a timer if you need to and stick to it. This method will help you not waste time while also growing your business.

3. Create topics ahead of time

Sometimes you have lots of ideas on what to post and share with customers on social media. And other times, you can't come up with what to say to save your life! Instead, let's work smarter, not harder. When you feel a burst of creativity, sit down and batch multiple days of content in a row. It's more efficient to work like that, and with a whole week scheduled at once, you'll post more consistently, even on days when you don't have any ideas.

4. Repurpose content

Only a few percent of your followers see any given social media post. Contrary to popular belief, you are not "annoying" your followers. They are excited to see your content and learn more about you, your company, and your products. Take a post about the top products at your company and rewrite the content a few different ways with different call-to-action statements and a few different photos or graphics. Schedule them a few weeks apart and you saved a bunch of time while providing your followers with excellent content and customer service.

5. Follow hashtags 

This is a fun hack to really grow your social media following and make the most out of each post! Create a list of popular hashtags used by your ideal customers and follow those on Instagram. Set aside a certain amount of time per week to engage with people using those hashtags - ask them questions, comment on their posts, follow them, reply to stories, etc. Watch your following grow right along with your business and customer base.