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How to Use Sparkhub for Facebook

social media May 06, 2022
how to use sparkhub for facebook parties

Ah yes, the classic Facebook party. 

Open a group. Dump a ton of people in it. Play some games. Sell, sell, sell. Cha-ching!

Oh, wait. That's not how it goes anymore, is it? 

How embarrassing that it EVER went like that. Back in 2014 when Facebook parties became a thing, we didn't know better. We didn't have the right tactics or techniques. It was an experiment, that for better or worse, got really out of hand.

Today in 2022, this method isn't going to cut it. We do not add people to groups without their permission. Games don't always drive engagement or sales. And the algorithm has made things really complicated. On top of that, even if you figure out the best method, you might find that it changes next week.

Group or event?

Link in the post or comments?

Schedule or organic posting?

Live or 5 day or 10 day?

(If you can figure out the definitive answer to any of these questions, please email me.)

Sparkhub for Facebook

Using the Spark Method for Facebook parties is effortless. You can set up the event in Sparkhub in just a few minutes (literally) including an invitation, a “Party Page” landing page with your company and product info and logistical details, text reminders, guest list, and host portal. 

The Host can invite guests to sign up on the invitation page, which redirects them to your Party Page: a simple site that can point them to the Facebook group, but that also contains some information so that even those who don’t use Facebook, or don’t want to wait around for all the posts to pop up, can learn about you and how to shop. Meanwhile, you can text guests directly to ensure they are connected even if they don’t connect on Facebook. In this context, the Facebook element is an added bonus, but not your sole method of reaching people. And whether you host a live video event on Facebook, schedule posts, or just use the event feature to time the start and end, Sparkhub helps keep things organized. 

Here’s how a Facebook event, powered by Sparkhub, might flow:

  1. You'll clone an existing Party Page, such as a Canva Website or a Project Broadcast Landing Page, and use it to point guests to the Facebook group. You’ll also set up your Facebook group and schedule posts.

  2. You'll clone an existing Sparkhub event and take just a few minutes to adjust details, like Host info, key dates, and the order link.

  3. You'll send the Host Portal to your Host, where they can add a photo and messaging for the guests to see.

  4. The Host will send guests to your Invitation page (created automatically by Sparkhub!). As they sign up, they'll be taken to the Party Page right away. Even guests who aren’t on Facebook will feel plugged in! Plus, if you've connected Project Broadcast, they'll even get enrolled in your texts right away!

  5. You and the Host can monitor RSVPs and connect with guests, via text and/or in the Facebook group, as they view the content on their own time. You'll focus on serving guests, not administrative busywork. Once all orders are in, you'll close out with your Host as usual.


Why two platforms?

You don't have to host on both Facebook and Sparkhub. You can host directly on Sparkhub using your party page and text reminders, without the additional layer of Facebook. (This is an “On Demand” party style.) However, lots of people — consultants and hosts alike — enjoy Facebook for its familiarity and live functionality. So the solution isn't necessarily to cut Facebook out of our lives forever.

The problem isn't that Facebook is detrimental...it's just not reliable as a standalone tool. 

So let's let Facebook be just a part of the party experience - a place for some engagement and fun - and not rely on it to reach everyone in the way we need.

By having a Party Page everyone can access, and a texting strategy to reach them, Facebook becomes added seasoning, not the whole meal. And since those extra, Sparkhub-powered tools can be done in a snap, they won't add to your stress...just your success.