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Whether you party in person, on Facebook, on Zoom, on demand, or all of the above...every party deserves some extra ✨Spark✨!

Sparkhub offers a texting strategy, host portal, party page, organizational tools, and more to level up every direct sales event while saving you time.

Plus, we've created templates that will help you unlock the potential of Sparkhub to strengthen and streamline every event, using a 5-minute setup.

How it works

The magic of Sparkhub is in the cloning. With our training, templates, and support, you'll create your own main copy - and then the fun really begins.

Here's how running a typical Sparkhub-supported Event looks.

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Step 1: Set up in under five minutes

First, you'll clone an existing event, update any details (host name, dates, etc.), and give it a quick once-over. Everything you need - signup page, Host Portal, Party Page specific to your event, and more - is created for you.


Step 2: Equip your Host

With one click, you'll send a customized Host Portal to your Host, complete with an interactive checklist and more. They can invite friends using a handy "share" button and even contribute a photo and notes to the guests' experience!

Watch this video to see it from a Host's perspective.

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Click play to see why Mel's hosts love Sparkhub!

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Step 3: Relax as Sparkhub welcomes guests

With absolutely no effort on your part, Sparkhub will help welcome guests who RSVP on the Signup Page shared by your Host. Sparkhub will

  • Redirect them to a "Party Page," which is the guests' main info hub that can send them on to other destinations (Zoom gathering, Facebook group, etc.) or stand alone to give an "On Demand" presentation
  • Enroll them in your Project Broadcast texts (if you integrate a paid PB account), including an immediate welcome message containing the Party Page link
  • Add them to the Guest List that both you and your Host can view. You can both click any guest's number or email to contact them!

Want to see the guest experience for yourself? Check out an example event and sign up as a guest!

What's a "party page"?

A Party Page serves as your guests' one-stop info hub, where you'll show them both the how and the why of participating. And with Sparkhub's magic code blocks, the Party Page is customized for your event - without you lifting a finger to edit it.

The Party Page is what you saw after signing up on a mock event above. It can be any destination you want - but we love using a Project Broadcast Landing Page, like you saw in your mock event, which you can create with a free PB account.

 All you have to do is set up your first Party Page with the images, wording, etc. you want. After that, you'll simply clone it, and Sparkhub will update the event-specific info for you!

You can either DIY it or hire us to create that first page for you.

Better yet...

As a thank you for joining this demo, we have a special service for new annual subscribers: get extra, one-on-one support for your Party Page with our special Party Page Booster Bonus! Whether you'll DIY your Party Page or hire us to design it for you, watch the video below to see how we can give you an extra boost when you join Sparkhub's annual plan.


Bonus offer ends in:

Show me the bonus!

Step 4: Party on!

After the guest has signed up, you can continue sending texts (automated if using Project Broadcast), such as tips or reminders. If you're incorporating another element outside of the Party Page - such as a Zoom gathering, an in-person show, or a Facebook group - your Party Page and texts can point guests there.

Either way, you'll continue the relationship over the duration of your event, and Sparkhub will support you at every step by making sure guests and hosts are informed and engaged.

Step 5: Manage the details

We designed Sparkhub not just for your guests and hosts, but for you. Stay on top of key details, such as your own checklists and guest lists, all in one place.

Watch the video to hear how Trisha has gotten time back, and offers better service, using Sparkhub as her virtual event planner!

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 Sparkhub is...

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